About Us

African Demystifier is a media house specializing in reporting and interpreting fundamental advancements and concepts of science, development, and business for scientific communities, students, development stakeholders, and the general public.

Moreover, the founders of the company have been engaged in media development and communication consultancy activities as well as and publishing services since 2005.


In engaging in journalistic duties focusing science, development and business our major purpose is demystifying professional concepts and complex concepts to be understood by the general public and common citizens. We do not publish pure scientific papers as they are or ‘record of science’. We do professional journalism and publish journalistic pieces with simplified language and presentation.  

  • As they say:- “Reporting science doesn’t have to be hard”, we make our reports clear and easy to understand (use real life example, avoid jargons, use images, videos, graphics and info graphics as well as data
  • Focus on distinctive and neglected stories
  • Give much attention to stories that are of much public interest/ projects related to sizable public finance
  • Prioritize neglected but high-impact societal issues
  • We make sure our reports are accurate, independent, impartial and truthful
  • Contribute to transparency and accountability

Our core values

  • Public Interest
  • Trustfulness (independent, impartial and truthful)
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Learning and Collaboration
  • RESPECT and Inclusiveness
  • Accountability and Transparency
  • Distinctiveness

Promoting Citizen Science

It is our conviction that facilitating openness and dialogue between the scientific community and the public is very important and make sure that the public is empowered with scientific information to promote public understanding of science. As “Science is not just for scientists”, the public need to be involved and contribute in the advancement of science. Therefore, we strive to contribute our share in doing media reports that aims at enhancing the involvement of the public in scientific research.

Our story styles

Even though we do soft news and breaking news as any media house, our major specialization is filing in-depth analysis, features stories and opinion pieces on various sciences, development and business stories of over 1000 words sometimes accompanying the storytelling with video filming and photo documentaries.

Verification and Fact-Checking

We staff writers at African Demystifier and its contributors, have the responsibility for fact-checking and do proper proofreading on their stories before publishing. We are also expected to report information from primary or verified sources and stories should be adequately attributed.

Advertising in African Demystifier

As African Demystifier have its own audience among the scientific and business communities, educational institutions, development partners among others placing advertisement in it is advantageous to promote messages to a broadly to these audience. We also make sure that advertisements placed in our media are acceptable and aligned with our social norms, ethical values, the countries laws and regulations as well as meet professional standards/quality of media material production.

Editorial Team


Mekonnen Teshome Tollera, a senior Ethiopian science journalist, a correspondent for several foreign science and environment media houses, founder of Ethiopia’s Science Journalists Association (SJA), a communication and public relations expert.

Munyaradzi Makoni

Munyaradzi is a freelance journalist based in Cape Town, South Africa. He covers agriculture, climate change, environment, health, higher education, sustainable development, and science in general.

Samir Bol

Samir Bol, Editor-in-chief of the Mail and Chief Executive Officer at SB Media Production and Investment LTD, South Sudan.

Ahedor Jessica
AHEDOR Jessica

Founder at Science Journalism Ghana, Scijgh.com